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Ekklesia Safety Suite

The EKKLESIA SAFETY SUITE consists of 3 modules which enables organisations and safety officers to record and monitor their incidences and chemical registers. There are 3 main modules:-

  • Safety Management
  • Chemical Register
  • SOCSO Management

Safety Management

  • Caters for Malaysian DOSH Statutory Requirements
  • Automates JKKP 6, JKKP 7 and JKKP 8 Reporting
  • Manages Incidents with detailed incident reason recording and escalation with email alerting
  • Records Forklift Drivers information
  • Records Machine Inspection
  • Registers Emergency Response Team Members
  • Click for Screenshots (Link to Images)

Chemical Register

  • Caters for Malaysian DOSH Requirements on chemical registration
  • Enables recording of CAS Numbers
  • Enables scanning of MSDS and record of multiple language MSDS
  • Records chemicals and classifies chemicals as per DOSH classification
  • Records Chemical usage by departments

SOCSO Reporting

  • Automates Form 21 for SOCSO Accident Reporting
  • Automates Kenyataan Butir-butir Gaji Caruman (PKS:(F)1)

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