Coursepad LMS

Why choose Coursepad LMS?

Mobile learning and communications platform that keeps teams in sync with smart content, activities and progress reminders


Personalized Engagement

Everything your team needs to succeed at their fingertips. Engage your workforce with tailored learning feeds and courses, anytime, anywhere. Have them stay engaged with personalized learning reminders.


Real-time Learning

Real-time learning & performance insights. Easily review how your learning team is performing and have the data on hand to constantly improve your learning plan. No more messy Excel sheets that aren't acted upon.


Ask Experts Anytime

Make any question just a text away. Directly loop in relevant supervisors and subject matter experts to learner reports, discussions and questions..

Keep your team in sync

Leverage the power of Coursepad to keep your team in sync

90% of all organizations don't perform at their best because of weak communication and training. Coursepad provides a platform to keep your team in sync effortlessly with smart content, activities and progress reminders. We break down the communication barriers within the modern workplace and enable you to manage your team with ease.

The most relevant, popular and helpful content is always at your team’s fingertips — courtesy of Coursepad’s intelligence. Leverage the power of Coursepad to understand, inspire and nurture your team at scale — wherever they might be.


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